Important Information

One of the most complex challenges we face in the mobile repair industry is our ever changing schedule due to weather, damaged parts or shipping issues, traffic situations, and job cancellations. Working customer availability & departure deadlines into the mix further complicates the scheduling process. When a customer arranges their plans around a repair appointment and is then informed that their job is being bumped – the emotional reactions are never positive.  The phone call volume it takes to set & then change service dates & times has become paralyzing to our staff.

Therefore, we have developed an On-Line Schedule and Progress Report that allows our customers to check the status of their service ticket from start to finish.  Using a PC, a tablet or a smartphone, you can very quickly check the status of your ticket.

Once your name appears on the schedule, the date is tentative until you see a time of day next to your name.  Once you see a time of day posted, remember, it is not an appointment but only a target ETA, and only last minute unforeseen circumstances will bump your job to a different day.   You will receive a call if that should take place.

You will need to check the schedule frequently once you see your name posted on the schedule. We hope you enjoy the convenience of our new online progress report and schedule.


Happy Campers are our goal.

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